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Kitchen Design Planning and Installation

The kitchen is often the focus of your living environment, it's important to bring together both function and style.

Painting & Decorating

Our team of experienced decorators can tackle anything from touch up to complete refurbishments.
We can undertake all types of painting & decorating

Gas Installation Services

Gas appliance installation, repositioning, heating, thermostat repair and replacement. Our specialist can be called upon to help anytime.

Electrical Installation Services

Our qualified electricians are available to undertake all types of work from appliance testing to full installations as well as design work.


We offer a complete range of plumbing services.

From minor repairs to complete heating and plumbing installations.

 Plumbing Services by HomeFix Assist

Our qualified heating and plumbing specialists have a wealth of experience in a whole range of applications from kitchen installations to heating and boiler installations.

Want to change an aspect of your kitchen, alter an existing layout, replace a sink or just plan a completely new installation, we can provide the expertise to complete the project with ease.

for further information, quotes and scheduling please contact us